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The Daily Grind: So how do you like EverQuest 2's Shard of Hate?

Michael Zenke

It's been about a week now since EverQuest 2 Game Update 44 dropped onto the unsuspecting citizens of Norrath. The Hate is everywhere now, sowing dischord and distrust across both Freeport and Qeynos. But how are you dealing with it? Are you enjoying the new raiding content? Maybe you're just happy for the chance to get a new mount type?

Our own Brenda Holloway writes at the West Karana blog as Tipa, and had some great commentary on raiding the first few bosses of the zone. She also worked with those hate-spreading loonies and ended up with an attractive looking Innoruuk-inspired bonfire for her apartment. For more impressions of the new content, make sure to check up on the ongoing official EQ2 forums discussion.

What about you, though? Have you seen the inside of the Shard? What did GU44 do for you?

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