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UK OXM gives GTAIV perfect score


The UK Official Xbox Magazine has reviewed Grand Theft Auto IV, and the word is it's very, very good. Delivering a full ten pages in its review, OXM settles on the lofty score of 10 out of 10. This despite quibbles regarding the cover and lock-on systems having occasional issues as well as some graphical pop up. It should be noted that the magazine was reviewing an unfinished build of the game -- apparently Rockstar was still making "tweaks" at the time -- so it's at least possible that said problems could be ironed out in the retail version. Overall, the review effuses praise. Just how much, you ask? Try this on: "This game is finished to such an astonishing level of detail, so overflowing with people and events and experiences and stuff, that even if we dedicated this entire magazine to listing the amazing things that could happen in Liberty City we'd still barely scratch the surface." Alright, so it's good then?

Of note in the review is that the first episode of 360 exclusive downloadable content should arrive in August and will be "at least 10 hours long." Another interesting feature adding another layer to the open world is a virtual internet that Niko must access for certain missions. Players can also browse the internet to make new acquaintances via "personal ads" or read the latest news regarding their crimes. Niko also has email (complete with spam) that players can choose to respond to in a positive or negative way. So now we browse the internet to avoid responsibility inside a game. Wow, these things get more realistic all the time.

Scans of the review are quickly making the rounds on the internet. We won't link them here, but 360 fanboys are a resourceful people. We'll bet you can find them if you try hard enough. Should such nefarious deeds be too ... um ... nefarious for you, the review can be found in the May issue of the UK's OXM.

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