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3D@Home Consortium aims to get 3D in the home

Darren Murph

If you were still refusing to believe that the 3D push was on, um, it's on. Announced at NAB Show, 22 international firms (including some pretty major players) have launched the 3D@Home Consortium, which aims to "speed the adoption of 3D entertainment in the home." Led by Disney, Philips and Samsung -- and joined by Thomson, IMAX, TDVision, 3DIcon, Corning, Planar Systems, QPC Laser, SeeReal, 3ality, DDD, In-Three, Quantum Data, Sensio, Fraunhofer Institute IMPS, Sim2, Setred, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Holografika and Volfoni -- the non-profit alliance is focused on "creating and publishing useful technical roadmaps, developing educational materials for consumer and retail channels and facilitating the development of industry standards and their dissemination." From the outside looking in, it seems these folks are sort of jumping the gun, but given that we've already seen a 3D format compatible with legacy 2D systems and a successful live 3D broadcast here in the past 48 hours, maybe being ahead of the curve isn't such a bad thing.

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