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By Crom! Another Border Kingdom Cryer!


It halted some feet away, and Conan glared at it, trying to distinguish its fire-misted outline. The quivering flame had a solid core; the flame was but a glowing green garment that masked some evil entity. "By Crom, I'll have your name!" shouted the Cimmerian. "State your business here!" A sharp laugh echoed from the slate walls of the cliffs that lined the path. "Well do you know my mission. We have come to demand RP-PvE servers in Age of Conan!" "What devilry is this? Surely even the most ale-sotted noble has ceased to call this song from the minstrels." "And yet, even as the Sun may set and shroud her rays, leaving dark; she may still rise in the morn, burning bright with the light of a million... well, a dozen... okay, with the awesome light of but a single Sun." Conan sniggered. Another role-player.

A fully-fledged forum brawl has broken out over the question of PvP servers in Funcom's Age of Conan, and frankly, we're more than a little wary. Roleplaying is like juggling, after all; it looks great when it's going well, but one dropped chainsaw and suddenly everyone is screaming. Best of luck to the Conan community no matter how this one turns out. In other news, AoC dev Jason "Athelan" Stone answered a burning question about the demon form the Heralds of Xotli could wear. It used to be almost permanent, but that made all Heralds look identical; it will now be a short duration, powerful spell on a fast cooldown. That's a welcome change for any Herald who couldn't remember what they looked like!

The tank-like Guardians are proving a popular class in beta; seeing how rare tanks have become in most popular MMOs, perhaps AoC has stirred the magic sauce to make them desirable both for solo and group play. It's nearing launch time for Age of Conan, and in our minds, we're already sailing the wine-dark seas of Hyboria with naught but pillage on our minds. If your dreams are likewise drenched in blood, try your hand at finding Mitra for a beta key, or try for a chance at testing PvP to your heart's content.

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