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Most CableCARD enabled HDTVs won't ever support SDV

Ben Drawbaugh

Switched Digital Video quickly became a bad word around here -- don't get us wrong, we want more HD as much as the next person, but not if it means we'll have to use our cable company's lackluster STB. Luckily TiVo owners will be getting a solution to their SDV woes soon, but our friend Gary Merson surveyed several HDTV manufacturersand none left him with the impression that there was any chance that the current crop of CableCARD enabled HDTVs would work with the new "tuning resolver." This most certainly blows a big one for those customers out there that are actually using this feature, and that will start to watch their HD channels fade away -- assuming they haven't already -- but many manufacturers abandoned the technology over a year ago. The dream of a set-top-boxless solution isn't lost though, as Samsung, LG and Panasonic all expect to have tru2way TVs available this year, and with any luck these won't be obsolete after only a few years.

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