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Nibris licenses Gamebryo for Sadness


Could it be -- possible forward motion on Sadness? According to a recent press release, Polish developer Nibris has licensed Emergent's Gamebryo platform for the long-discussed, never-seen title ... and word is that the recent screenshot was real. Gamebryo is the base of several recent and forthcoming titles, including Civilization IV, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and Fallout 3. Of course, it's also being used for Chiquititas.

But don't get excited just yet. Nibris has been promising screenshots and video from purported black-and-white thriller Sadness for two years now, but according to the press release, they've only recently chosen the Gamebryo engine and have been working on the title for "several months." They recently said we'll see something concrete next month, and while we're not holding our breath, we will be pleasantly surprised if the game actually seems to be under active development.

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