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Rumor: Microsoft to establish retail stores


A website by the name of Fudzilla is reporting that Microsoft is looking to launch its own chain of retail stores. The rumor comes via "sources close to Microsoft," and claims that MS will open said stores to showcase Microsoft products and will employ "skilled people," to show customers "the true Microsoft experience." Yes, it sounds more than a bit like the strategy currently utilized by Apple and its chain of boutique stores.

A key distinction here is that Microsoft doesn't have the same range of hardware that Apple produces, which makes one wonder exactly what will be on display. Of course, one would expect to see Zunes and Xbox 360s, but beyond that and a handful of PC peripherals, Microsoft is mainly a software producer. Maybe we'll see PCs loaded with MS software?

The only other question that remains is whether or not Microsoft can capture some of the mindshare that has been lost to Apple. If Microsoft can manage to make customers pay a ridiculously high price for socks, then they're on the right track.

[Via Trusted Reviews. Original Image by Fleur-Design]

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