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Say hello to the latest additions to the WoW Insider team

Dan O'Halloran

We've heard your calls for more coverage and we're happy to announce new writers are incoming. You have already seen the work of our two newest columnists, Shelbi Roach and Jennie Lees. Shelbi comes to us as half of the husband-and-wife team at The Bronze Kettle. Her crafting prowess is already on display in the weekly World of WarCrafts feature with step-by-step how-tos on a simple scroll and super potions.

Some of you long time readers may remember Jennie Lees. She was the lead writer on WoW Insider back in the day. She's back to with a vengeance to helm our weekly raid column, Ready Check. And she's hit the ground running with a complete walkthrough for getting your bear mount and strategies for downing the first raid boss in Sunwell Plateau, Kalecgos.

Starting soon are two new columnists. Breathing new life into our weekly Priest column, Spiritual Guidance, is one of the most popular Priest bloggers on the Internet, Matticus. Also joining us is Jon Eldridge. He will be tackling a weekly column focusing on one of the hottest topics outside the game: computer security. From keyloggers to trojans to Blizzard's Warden program, Jon will be providing advice on keeping your account from ending up in the wrong hands.

Finally, many of you have noticed the lack of new pages for our on-going World of Warcraft webcomic, Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn. Chris Jahosky suffered a bad hard drive crash costing him a number of pages that were in various stages of completion. But never fear, Chris is rebuilding them all and Tales will be returning in just a few weeks.

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