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SFR wants its MTV -- in the form of a 3G phone

Chris Ziegler

France's SFR has announced that it'll be launching a Modelabs-sourced handset that appeals to the younguns (and the young at heart) later this month. What feature of the so-called "MTV3.3" slider gives away the target demo, exactly? A plethora of MTV branding, naturally -- the second such device to launch on SFR, following the MTV3.0 touchscreen candybar -- with logos on the phone's shell and packaging, themes, media, bundled MTV Cribs game, and direct access to the hip network's video content. It takes some horsepower to effectively stream video, of course, and the MTV3.3 delivers thanks to a 3G radio -- which we can only assume is at least a little bit faster thanks to all that red. The most attractive part of this whole deal might be the pricing: €49 (about $77) at the April 23 launch. And no, sorry, if you're not in France, you're not cool enough to find one in your local store.

[Via mocoNews]

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