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TDVCodec stereoscopic 3D format is backwards compatible with 2D systems

Darren Murph

Camcorders you can never afford weren't the only things being demonstrated at NAB Show 2008 -- oh no, TDVision dropped in to show off a new format that manages to deliver 3D content yet still play nice on legacy systems without any image degradation. Essentially, video streams encoded in the TDVCodec format can be viewed on all existing 2D set-top-boxes, DVD / Blu-ray players and presented on 2D televisions, but for those with TDVReady devices and PCs with TDVision's Dejaview software, eye-popping visuals are available from the very same stream. Regrettably, there's no word on any major firms picking up the solution and planning to distribute, but if something akin to this takes off, it could give folks one more reason to splurge on a 3D-ready DLP from Samsung or Mitsubishi (or a TDVisor, if that's your bag).

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