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Analysts: $400 million GTAIV sales in the first week

Dustin Burg

Whoever doesn't believe that Grand Theft Auto IV is going to bring Take-two and Rockstar bags and bags of cash should be locked up in a mental hospital, because it's a fact that is guaranteed. But exactly how much cash is the big question and buzz on the streets is pointing towards GTAIV becoming the biggest money making entertainment launch in history.

Variety is reporting that sources close to Take-two have come out and said that the company expects first week sales to reach upwards of $400 million as 6 million copies get gobbled up in seven days. A number that Take-two probably forecasted to be pretty accurate after an analysis of pre-orders. A number that, if true, would eclipse Master Chief's record $300 million haul. And a number that makes us realize how painfully poor we are and how gleefully rich some business execs can be.


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