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Enkin: digitized signage for your Android device

Chris Ziegler

Among the hopefuls for Google's Android Developer Challenge (which ended yesterday, by the way, so put down your pencils and turn in your papers) is this little gem, Enkin. Put simply, the navigation app's ace card is its "live mode," which combines a plethora of sensory data -- camera input, GPS, directional information, motion detection -- to show the user an augmented view of what they're actually looking at in their environment. Augmented with what, exactly? Placemarkers that indicate landmarks, that's what, and the possibilities are pretty endless -- restaurants in the immediate vicinity, a gentle reminder of your car's location in the parking lot, the list goes on. Nokia's been toying with this concept for a good long while now but they've failed to commercialize it, so here's hoping will finally see a usable product on a retail device.

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