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EverQuest's lead designer leaving Sony Online Entertainment

Michael Zenke

The lead designer on the original EverQuest is set to take his leave from Sony Online Entertainment. This news is straight from the source, a blog post from Travis McGeathy. McGeathy put up the notice on the official EQ blog, noting how quickly his past five years with the company have gone by. "Between fan faires, community summits, and the forums, I've met more dedicated and knowledgeable players than I could ever count and many of you have become good friends. That level of interaction with players is something you don't often get to experience in this industry and I'm certainly going to miss it."

Mr. McGeathy doesn't note where his path will next take him, but he will definitely be missed. Players are already pouring out their affection for his work on the game in a thread on the official forums. He's leaving the game in the hands of Ryan "Rytan" Barker, another designer on the team. Though his future job plans are still up in the air, Mr. McGeathy is apparently going to be taking a cross-country trip to celebrate his newfound freedom. Good luck, sir.

Massively had a chance to talk with EQ's outgoing lead designer just a short while ago, during EQ's 9th anniversary. Make sure to check it out for a look back at his time with one of the grand old mavens of the genre.

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