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Giant Bomb to watch, evaluate every game-based movie

Kyle Orland

It's common knowledge that movies based on games are generally awful (much like games based on movies). But for all the internet griping about everything from Dead or Alive to Hitman to anything by Uwe Boll, how many of us are insane enough to want an encyclopedic knowledge of every awful game-based movie ever made?

The answer to that question is "at least one" and that one is former Gamespotter Ryan Davis, who has publicly set out to watch every game-based flick as part of "The Giant Bomb Video-Game Movie Experiment." While the project sadly leaves out game-inspired movies like Tron and WarGames and animated classics like Pokemon: Yet Another Insipid Movie, we still have to admire the moxie required to even attempt such a project. Will Davis' determination be enough to see him through? Will his sanity hold out? Find out this summer, only in theaters on the web.

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