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Ironclad destroys Champions Online evildoers

Kyle Horner

A new heroic character has come charging out of the Champions Online website. We've all seen these "alien from far away" characters before, but this alien (by the name of Drogen Lar) was involved in an accident that fused his DNA with a molten experimental alloy. Instead of dying horribly, he was given a ridiculously resistant living-metal body. Don't try that one at home though, even if you're sure your highly experimental alloy is perfectly safe.

Once again, the character comes with all sorts of background story. Everything from Drogen's humble warrior beginnings to his arrival on Earth, to his eventual name-change to Ironclad and scariest of all -- the fact that he's learning about Earth culture through television and the internet. We wonder what kind of pop-culture references will be said awkwardly in-game once we're able to play CO.

Did we mention that we're completely in love with these updates? There's a part of us that loves reading about these characters now, so that when we meet them in the game we'll already know a bit about them.

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