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Namco Bandai to bring original Soul Calibur to XBLA

Jason Dobson

While July 29 will finally let us settle the age old question asking who would win in a fight, an undead pirate or a Sith lord, Namco Bandai's plans for fighting game enthusiasts do not end with Soul Calibur IV. The company confirmed plans this evening to re-release the original Dreamcast fighter over Xbox Live Arcade this summer as well.

Namco Bandai has shed little light on what we can expect from the port, revealing only that it will include all of the original cast, with Arcade, Training, and Survival modes on top of the obligatory local Versus mode. Additionally, the company has only confirmed leaderboards, leaving us to wonder if the release will let us take the Dreamcast classic online as we party like it's 1999.

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