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Nokia: mobile TV success is a little harder than we thought

Chris Ziegler

Ever wonder why it's so dang hard to get a Nokia N77 or N92 and service to go along with it? Yeah, Nokia is too, and it's starting to voice its frustration over the molasses-like uptake mobile TV systems have experienced over the last several years. The company has openly pushed DVB-H for a while now, scoring a huge win when the European Union recently formally ratified the standard as Europe's infrastructure of choice -- but neither carrier rollouts nor burgeoning customer demand have followed suit the way it had figured they would. Nokia's head of internet services has gone so far to say that mobile TV's in "turmoil," largely because folks are pleased as punch just downloading their vids over 3G instead of using a more traditional, more television-like setup like DVB-H to keep them entertained. Will carriers and manufacturers end up abandoning the whole concept when they realize there's a long trail of more red ink ahead (in the form of rollouts, marketing, hardware development, and the like) before they hit the black? And if so, how are we going to live our dream of SOAPnet Mobile?

[Via mocoNews]

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