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Teach a man to fish ...

William Dobson

A new preview for the Lord of the Rings Online Fishing hobby has been posted to the official site. When Book 13 goes live, players will be able to begin their angling education by visiting one of the four new Hobby Masters. After you've received a fishing pole, simply head to any body of water and cast your line -- there won't be skill requirements stopping you from fishing anywhere, but there will be fish that can only be found in certain locations. You'll be able to purchase bait from fishing suppliers to entice fish on to your waiting hook as well.

Undoubtedly, this will be a fun little endeavor, but there are some tangible incentives to cast the line too. Some fish will be used in Cooking recipes, and others will be able to be brought to the Fishing Taxidermist and turned into house trophies to show off your angling prowess. There will also be fishing quests and deeds, and even titles to earn. To find out a wee bit more about LotRO's first Hobby, check out the most recent dev chat, in which fishing and other Book 13 features are discussed in detail.

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