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The Sims surpasses 100 million units sold worldwide

Jason Dobson

The top-selling video game of all time has just surpassed another milestone, as EA announced that The Sims, which has been released in more than 20 different languages, has now sold 100 million copies the world over since it sprang from the mind of super-developer Will Wright in 2000. The first game's expansion-laden release was followed by The Sims 2 in the fall of 2004, while the recently announced The Sims 3 will drop sometime in 2009, for the first time letting sims venture beyond their front doors and into the neighborhood.

The idea of 100 million of anything is difficult for us to wrap our brains around, so we cornered Rod Humble, the brand's studio head, to pick his noodle on The Sims, particularly with regards to the franchise's expansion-heavy history. So, with pets, night-life, and even magic tricks to pick from, what add-ons do players continue to ask for that's not yet available? Says Humble, "Right now our players are keen to playing an expansion pack that focuses on living in a big city...other ideas I've seen in the community include a rave/party pack and science fiction pack." Little green sims? We can support that.

Look for the complete interview with the EA exec on The Sims franchise, expansions, and where it goes from here later today.

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