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Another analyst says Wii Fit will push Wii shortages

Kyle Orland

While it's hard to get game industry analysts to agree on something as simple as whether the PS3 will be the best-selling or worst-selling console of this generation, it seems they are largely in agreement about one thing: Wii Fit is gonna be absolutely ha-yuuuge for Nintendo and the Wii. Lazard Capital Markets Analyst Colin Sebastian told GameDaily today that Wii Fit "could also exacerbate the supply constraints of the Wii console itself," echoing similar comments made yesterday by Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter.

In addition to foreseeing supply problems for the Wii Fit game-and-balance-board combo pack itself, Sebastian predicted Nintendo would soon start producing over 2 million Wii units per month (up from 1.8 million currently) in a desperate attempt to meet demand for the system. A great idea, and one we'll recommend to Nintendo one-and-a-half years ago, as soon as our time machine is finished.

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