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Apple files for head-mounted laser display patent, death of style imminent

Nilay Patel

Dorks we may be, but we're just not ready for head-mounted displays to hit the mainstream -- which is why this patent application for laser-based headgear from Apple makes us cringe just as hard as the MyVu product line. Apple wants to up the nerd factor immeasurably by putting all the image processing and generation hardware in a belt-clipped processing box, which will allow the glasses to shrink down and potentially be indistinguishable from regular glasses. Laser-generated images from the box are then transmitted to wedge optics in the glasses via a fiber optic cable, and hey -- you're watching The Office on your glasses with a processing box clipped to your belt. Can you say "coolest guy in school?" Yeah, didn't think so -- no amount of white plastic and brushed aluminum will ever make this okay. The application just went public today, so there's a long way to go before Apple actually gets this patent -- here's hoping we get a similarly long reprieve from ubiquitous head-mounted displays.

[Via Unwired View]

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