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Chinavasion comes through with 7-inch Wii LCD monitor

Darren Murph

If you've exhausted all of your resources and still can't seem to whip up your very own Wii Laptop, Chinavasion's out to make sure you have the second (albeit a distant one) best alternative. Granted, the CVSN-901 isn't the first of its breed, but it does provide a marginally less unsightly design. As for specs, you'll find a 7-inch 480 x 234 resolution display, built-in stereo speakers, auxiliary stereo AV connection, adjustments for contrast / brightness / etc. and a fan grill hole thrown in just to ensure that "your Wii won't overheat." For what it's worth, it seems the requisite IR emitters are sitting just above the speakers (though it's not spelled out on the product page), and at least the unit itself will only set you back a Benjamin and change (or way less if you order enough for your entire community).

[Via Coolest-Gadgets]

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