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Ex-EverQuest Lead Designer to join 38 Studios

Mark Crump

As we reported yesterday, former EverQuest Lead Designer Travis McGeathy announced his departure from SOE. On a message board post he alluded to a "cross country trip." With former SOE employees taking cross country trips tending to end up at 38 Studios, Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling's start-up, we reached out to the hurler himself for comment.

Curt confirmed to us via e-mail this morning that Travis will indeed be joining SOE alumni Steve Danuser, Ryan Shwayder, Billy Ahlswede, Aaron Carlson, Niraj Desai, Eric Theisz, and Michael Woods in their Maynard, MA offices. Jeez, Curt, wouldn't it just be easier to buy SOE at this point? Curt did not immediately respond to a follow-up on what exactly Travis will be doing.

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