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Glorious Website of Herakles


The official website for Paon's refresh of the Herakles no Eikou (Glory of Heracles) series has opened up, offering a few tiny new screens and character art. The storyline has been revealed to involve that old RPG standard, the teenage hero who washes up with amnesia and then goes on a quest to regain his memories. The twist is that he treks to Olympus instead of a generic fantasy setting, and that it's possible that he is Herakles himself. He is joined by a girl named Locos and a traveler named Shukion who has his own reasons for joining the party.

Okay, it's your basic RPG stuff -- the mysterious hero and the mysterious anti-hero. But it looks great, has a unique setting, and is being backed by Nintendo. Plus, stylus control seems to be optional!

[Via Inside-Games]

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