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Make enough noise and Free Radical might remake Timesplitters 2

Jem Alexander

Free Radical Design, the developer behind Haze, has told CVG that if people make enough noise then they will consider remaking Timesplitters 2 in HD with online multiplayer. TS2 was a classic PS2 game and, while it still stands up as a great game today, an HD makeover would not only allow those of us who loved it the first time around, but also people who let it slip them by, to enjoy it all over again.

CVG is campaigning for people to contact Free Radical Design and let them know that, yes, we do want it to happen. To do so, simply send an email to CVG so that they can, presumably, collect all the names together and forward it on. Sure, FRD is currently working on Timesplitters 4, which will no doubt be in Hi-Def and feature online multiplayer, but it won't have that sweet tang of nostalgia about it. Not for another five years, at least.

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