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Microsoft's Shane Kim: 'Still enjoyment to be had' from 360 HD DVD drive

Kyle Orland

Owners of the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on shouldn't go trading them in for $50 just yet. According to Microsoft Game Studios Corporate Vice President "there is still enjoyment to be had" from that defunct piece of entertainment technology.

As part of a Q&A with GameDaily, Kim talked up the features of the outdated add-on, including a library of over 500 HD DVD movies (and growing not growing) available at clearance prices (because they're being cleared out). The drive also lets you have a movie and a game disc in the system at the same time, meaning you can switch from Halo 3 directly to watching August Rush without having to get up! Finally, the HD DVD drive adds two extra USB ports to your 360, meaning you can charge your DualShock 3s that much more easily! Yes, the HD DVD drive is truly a bargain, even without new content. Get yours today!

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