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Nintendo takes Wii Fit out for a run in the UK


Nintendo is bringing Wii Fit to the people, to convince the few UK residents who have yet to preorder the thing that they're disgusting sacks they could benefit from a fun exercise program. The Wii Fit tour is traveling to populous locations like universities and shopping centers from this week through June to get random strangers up and leaning. "If you loved the energetic nature of Wii Sports you'll love Wii Fit, which makes it easy for everyone to experience a fun and interactive way to exercise which launches across the UK on 25th April 2008," the press release states (weirdly). They're right -- playing it at one of these events is going to be a lot easier than trying to find the thing in a store.

The tour starts this week at Mall Galleries in Bristol, where Wii Fit will be on display from the 18th to the 20th. The full list of dates and locations is after the break.


Mall Galleries, Bristol: 18th - 20th April
Xscape, Milton Keynes: 17th and 18th May
Liverpool University: 21st - 23rd April
Meadowhall, Sheffield: 22nd - 25th May
Scottish Baby Show, Glasgow: 25th - 27th April
Ilac Centre, Dublin: 23rd - 25th May
Braehead Shopping Centre, Glasgow: 25th - 27th April
BUPA Run, London: 26th May
Bath University: 28th - 30th April
Bluewater, Kent: 29th May - 1st June
Trafford Centre, Manchester: 1st - 4th May
The Woman's World Show, Dublin: 30th May - 1st June
Grand Designs, ExCel London: 3rd - 11th May
Xscape Castleford, Leeds: 1st and 2nd June
Nottingham University: 6th and 8th May
Lakeside, Thurrock: 5th - 8th June
Victoria Shopping Centre, Nottingham: 8th - 11th May
Castle Court, Belfast: 6th - 8th June
Birmingham University: 12th - 14th May
Xscape Castleford, Leeds - 7th and 8th June
Exeter University: 12th - 14th May
BBC Gardeners World Show, Birmingham: 11th - 15th June
Bullring, Birmingham: 15th - 18th May
Metro Centre, Gateshead: 13th - 15th June
St David's, Cardiff: 16th - 18th May
Xscape Glasgow: 14th and 15th June

[Locations via ONM]

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