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Brothers in Arms: HH slated for August [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: Wouldn't you know, the August release is true. Confirmation of the release is revealed at the end of the new Hell's Highway "Face Stab" trailer which we embedded after the break. Thanks, Mr Gooooly.

So, here's the story. Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway has been on the fast track to delays-ville, where its release date has been speeding through delay after delay since 2007. Then, last September, we learned that 2007 would see no Hell's Highway release and a general 2008 release was set. Now, according to Gamersyde who didn't list their news source (for shame!), Ubisoft is slating Hell's Highway for an August (European?) release. But so far we've spotted everything from April to May to June release rumors across the interwebs, so we don't know how much validity we can give to this latest August rumor. Though, if this August release turns out to be fact, you can color us impressed. We have $20 riding on the game being delayed into 2009.

[Thanks, Hooligunn]

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