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Space shooter 'PowerUp Forever' coming to XBLA, PSN this Summer [Update]


Namco Bandai has promised "high-octane, shooting action" -- which we can all agree is the best kind of shooting action -- in this Summer's release of Infinitum PowerUp Forever for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. The top-down shooter hopes to stand out in the bustling crowd thanks to its "endless spatial battlefield." As you destroy enemies and absorb their energy, your ship increases in size and power, slowly turning you into an interstellar Godzilla of sorts.

However, as previous enemies shrink, bigger threats "that were previously too large to see" will take their place. So ... Katamari Damacy with spaceships, then?

(Note: Another Namco Bandai press release we received described this same game, but labeled it "PowerUp Forever." We've asked the publisher to clear up the confusion -- and pleaded with it to stick with "Infinitum.")
(Update: Well, that didn't work. PowerUp Forever it is.)

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