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Space shooter PowerUp Forever coming to XBLA [Update]


In the same press release that told us about the return of the classic fighting game Soulcalibur, Namco Bandai also revealed another XBLA game, titled Infinitum PowerUp Forever. With gameplay that seems like a mash-up of Geometry Wars, Ikaruga, and flOw, Infinitum PowerUp Forever is an overhead outer space shooter with no boundaries to movement, no walls at all, invisible or otherwise. The twist is that destroying enemies will increase the size, shape, and power of your ship. But as it's size increases, the amount of screen it takes up doesn't. The camera zooms out at the rate of your growth, with older enemies getting smaller and smaller, and your new challenges getting bigger and bigger. Things that my have appeared to be walls or barriers are eventually revealed to be gigantic enemies as your ship slowly grows in size. As muddled as the twin-stick shooter genre is on XBLA, Infinitum PowerUp Forever has an admittedly intriguing twist and we'll give it a shot whenever it sees release.

[Note: This title is being referred to as PowerUp Forever elsewhere, however the company's official press release lists the title as Infinitum, so we're going with that. ]

[Update: Namco Bandai has made up it's mind and the official press release has been updated to reflect the the correct title, PowerUp Forever, which we can all agree is the shittier name.]

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