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Unnamed distributor bringing Hop-On's disposable cellphones to Europe


Details are pretty light on this one at the moment but, according to, an unidentified European distributor has made a "test purchase" of no less than 10,000 disposable cellphones from Hop-On, which the company describes as a "a big step in introducing Hop-on to Europe." As before, the phone doesn't include a screen of any sort and costs a mere $20 with it employing a Texas Instruments chipset and operating on the 900/1800MHz band in this case. Needless to say, there's no word as to when or where the phones will actually be available, but that same unnamed distributor has apparently already made "multiple purchase orders" that are set to follow the initial test order, so it seems the phones should be landing in the hands of plenty of Europeans, however briefly, soon enough.


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