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Exclusive screenshots of Vanguard's new racial mounts

Michael Zenke

From Sony Online Entertainment this morning, we have a pair of exclusive images for you. Above is pictured a Dark Elf, astride the brand new racial mount coming to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes in Game Update 5. The newest chunk of content for the game will be arriving on the test server very soon, and these racial mounts are one of the content drop's big selling points. Each race is going to have its own mount, which will be earned through faction questing for the race's capital city. This Dark Elf, for example, would have earned her spider by questing for Hathor Zhi.

The best part is that this earned faction (another new system coming in Update 5) can be achieved by anyone! So even if you don't like your race's faction mount, you can go earn yourself another one. We're told to warn you in advance: earning faction with one city may earn you the ire of others. If you plan to travel extensively, you may want to be wary of becoming overly honored with any one racial city. These mounts are first earned at level 30, but we're assured there will be level 50 mounts available for questing adventurers as well. For a peek at another of these mighty beasts, click on through to our Update 5 gallery to get a good look at the Half-Elven mount: the Dragon Turtle, earnable from the city of Tanvu.

Full details on the mounts, the new faction system, and much more will be appearing on the Vanguard Players site very soon. Stay tuned!

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