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How would you change GamePark's GP2X F-200 handheld?

Darren Murph

Alright, so we know there aren't hordes of you out there currently possessing one of GamePark's GP2X F-200 handhelds, but we have absolutely no doubts that the owners that do exist are mighty vocal about their diminutive emulation powerhouse. When the unit was reviewed recently over at Ars Technica, critics found an awful lot to love, but it's not like the admittedly hefty, battery-eating, mildly unsightly unit was flawless or anything. Sure, we know the hardcore emulation geeks out there are likely turning their attention to the forthcoming Pandora, but that's not to say the F-200 can't handle a good talking-to from its loyal followers. Go on, put away that unconditional adoration for just a moment and tell the world how this thing actually could be improved upon -- we're sure there's something that grinds the gears.

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