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Miyamoto begins Wii Fit media blitz

Our drinking buddies at GameDaily were invited to an exclusive, two-hour roundtable with Mr. Wii Fit himself, Shigeru Miyamoto yesterday, along with several other industry outlets like IGN. But Miyamoto also stretched his way over to 1UP and MTV News in what we can only imagine is the warmup of a pretty significant Wii Fit media blitz. While there isn't much you haven't already read in the Wii Fit installment of Nintendo's Iwata Asks series, there are a handful of interesting comments.

Iwata discussed a Wii Fit game modeled after Sumo wrestling, called "Ultimate Balance Test." It was pulled from the final product for being "too difficult" but, lucky for you Sumo wrestlers out there, will be available as a hidden game. While there's talk of a Wii Fit channel to bring additional content to the game, Miyamoto mentioned they've been "tinkering" with the idea of DS connectivity. He also talked about other uses for the Balance Board peripheral, suggesting they may incorporate it into other games – he pondered a rhythm game where you tap your feet – or even a Mario game, though it wouldn't likely be a requirement in that case.

A seemingly innocuous comment to 1UP – intended to assuage worries that Nintendo has gone totally casual – has curiously generated the most internet interest though: "The Zelda team is forming again to work on new games!" So, a team of developers that recently shipped a game are working on a new game? Incredible. But seriously folks, we're heartened to hear that too.

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