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mmolecule offers sexier AoC keys


Hey, remember when we posted that the Age of Conan closed beta was arriving on the first of May? Yeah, good times. Bet you thought nothing could beat that bit of news, huh? Hold onto your claymore, kids -- mmolecule is giving away 500 closed beta keys too, but these keys will be free of the level 13 cap that the FilePlanet keys will have.

We're not sure exactly what that means in terms of the discrepancy. The keys are all coming from the same place, presumably: Funcom. So why hobble the FilePlanet players? Of course, it might just be a way to keep track of which players get to test higher-level content, but one would think that that honor would go to those with a paid FP account, as opposed to the free account holders at mmolecule.

Regardless, the mmolecule contest is live right now for members only; if you're not already a member, sign up immediately and follow the instructions on the site for your chance to win!

[Thanks, Dekun!]

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