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Papyrus e-book concept takes aim at students


You don't have to look very far to find e-book concepts these days, but this so-called Papyrus device from the folks at Greener Grass aims a bit higher than most, with it promising to be nothing short of an inexpensive replacement for students' textbooks. If the designers have their way, the device would cost less than $100, while still packing an E Ink-based touchscreen (with handwriting recognition, it seems), and a battery that lasts for a full 30 hours -- not to mention some sort of networking functionality, as the device is apparently also designed to let teachers and students interact with one another. Not exactly something you can expect to pick up anytime soon, to be sure, but the designers don't appear to have any presumptions about it actually getting made, with them saying instead that they simply want it to be a "catalyst for discussion about improving the classroom experience," and that's certainly hard to argue with.

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