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Pwn your iPhone using Windows


Yes, you can has winpwn -- for beta values of "can has". Pwning an iPhone means preparing it to accept custom iPhone firmware bundles (ipsw files) in iTunes. Winpwn 99.1.8 Beta has been released for public testing (though keep in mind that this particular tool is for use with Windows).

If you're wary of beta releases and not an early adopter, you'll probably want to keep waiting. There is no 2.0 support. You may run into LIBUSB errors (apparently fine, meaning you probably just don't have no ibooter). You must have 1.1.4 firmware loaded onto your unit in order to pwn it -- whether for Mac or Windows. The developers strongly request that any new users start with this tutorial. For more help, check out the #winpwn and @winpwn-devel channels on IRC server.

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