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SOE's Fan Faire heads back to Vegas for 2008

Michael Zenke

Imperial-paid bounty hunters, elves, cat-men, sci-fi soldiers, elves, secret agents, and yet more elves are already donning their garb and readying their fake ears; Sony Online Entertainment has announced that this year's Fan Faire event will be held from August 14th to August 17th at the Las Vegas Hilton. It took some time to establish this date, obviously, but it sounds like it's going to be a good time. The usual live events, costume contests, receptions, banquets, and developer roundtables are already in the works. This year's event will feature more looks ahead to in-development Sony Online titles, which we assume means The Agency and Free Realms. There will also be a community address, the second in as many years, from SOE President John Smedley.

Every year the community team tops themselves with game-specific events. This year the in-development title out at SOE-Seattle, The Agency, is listed as one of the games on tap for live events. Interestingly, Free Realms is not. While there aren't any details on the site yet, the team already has their work cut out for them. We've been eying up this summer with trepidation: July has Comic-Con and E3, while August has Leipzig, Dragon*Con, PAX, and Gen Con, with Gen Con running opposite Fan Faire itself. Convention attending gamers, we salute you; you've got some hard choices to make.

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