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This is Vegas has sinful new videos, screens and details


This is Vegas adds some new images (below), a new gameplay video and trailer (after the break), along with some basic information of what you'll do around sin city when the game makes its big debut this winter. We've now learned that the premise of This is Vegas is that a ruthless businessman is turning Vegas into a family-friendly tourist trap, and it's your job to make it adults-only again.

Gamers will play in the Vegas sandbox by gambling, racing, fighting and partying their way to the top. They'll also have to raise their rank with the four factions that control the city: The Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs. As they build credibility with these factions, players will gain more money, women and power. Not everything has to be done honestly though, gamers can cheat by marking and counting cards, or just robbing the casino. We strongly recommend nobody every try to do that in real life.

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