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AoC answers from 'Ask Kalanthes' #2

Kyle Horner

The second batch of answers from Age of Conan's "Ask Kalanthes" have appeared. This time around we're treated to a large batch of pre-launch questions such as system requirements, RP-PvE servers, what happens when you die and various class-related questions.

RP-PvE servers are an interesting topic, as the forums have been in hot debate over the subject of whether or not AoC should have them. Some players insist that such servers are an absolute necessity, while others contend that players who want to role play can simply do so in specialized guilds.

The official reason Funcom -- er, Kalanthes, gives is that currently the amount of players who would actually make use of an RP-PvE server are quite small. They -- or he -- goes on to say that creating a new server is in no way a small commitment and until there are more people who would definitely play on such a server, it's not going to happen.

We've been on the World of Warcraft RP servers and to be honest, AoC RP-players aren't going to be missing much. Many MMOs have an unofficial RP-server with great communities and guilds to join, so we really don't see the big deal here. It shouldn't take more than a little forum-surfing to find the right server for any particular player.

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