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PS3 Fanboy hands-on: Metal Gear Online

Majed Athab

PS3 Fanboy attended New York Comic Con this weekend and got the chance to play several upcoming games, including Metal Gear Online. Konami's booth hosted the game with four-on-four action on the "Blood Bath" map. Andrew, two friends, and myself took on four other gamers excited to play MGO.

The first thing we saw before hitting the battle map was the weapons screen. Here, you need to choose one riffle type weapon, a sidearm, and grenades. There's a good selection of weapons within each category; however, it's still unclear whether all 70 plus weapons promised in MGS4 will make their way into MGO. Once we finally hit the battleground, we proceeded out in a unified team formation. Playing around with the controls, we noticed that MGO was pretty much a standard shooter experience -- which is a good thing as it felt very natural.


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Close-Quarters Combat was a bit tough to pull off. The difficulty stemmed mostly from trying to sneak up on crafty human enemies as opposed to static AI; however, it's this thought-stimulating interaction that makes MGO a unique experience. Now, one thing that we noticed that was sorely needed was the lack of a run button. This slowed things down considerably, and does become noticeably annoying if you want to get back into the battle quickly after the usual death-respawn.

We also got a brief look at the leveling system where you hone skills in specific areas such as sniping or CQC. It's quite a long list of abilities which ultimately means that players can create and customize a unique character and focus primarily on a specific fighting style. So far, we enjoyed our time with MGO and we do believe it'll be a title most MGS and multi-player fans will agree to like. Since the MGO beta officially starts tomorrow, April 21, we hope you'll be able to give the game a go and experience the fun for yourself.

Stay tuned. We'll have a brand new interview about Metal Gear Online for you later this week.

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