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PS3 Poll Police: How was your experience getting a Konami ID?

Nick Doerr

A lot of people have been clamoring to get a spot in the Metal Gear Online beta and for the most part, everyone's been allowed. A few hiccups with broken codes, but Konami has vowed to help those afflicted by such misfortunes. The Poll Police are on a quest this week to see how your experience signing up for this event has measured up compared to the horror stories circulating on PS3 forums worldwide.
How was your Konami ID experience?
It was very difficult, but I persevered.
I had a little trouble, but it wasn't too bad.
Nothing out of the ordinary to report.
I thought it was easier than people made it out to be.
I had no trouble at all!
Didn't try, don't really care to. Not my type of game.
What's all this about a beta? free polls
On a personal experience level, this Officer of Opinion had quite a bit of difficulty, but only in the sense of patience. Peer-to-peer updating was slow and destroyed bandwidth for most of a day, then navigating Konami's clogged site was a test in perseverance, but it all went swimmingly if the factor of time was removed. What happened in last week's poll? The mystery is solved after the jump.

We're glad to see that almost all of you were at least somewhat excited over the new PlayStation Store. It definitely works a lot faster, has easier navigation, and is more pleasing on an aesthetic level. Overall, an improvement that goes beyond our expectations. Now if only we could get a wild amount of content up there, it'd be worth going into more than once a month ... oh well. Thanks for voting, everyone!

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