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Rumor: GTAIV may get entire new city DLC

Dustin Burg

In the back of our fanboy minds we're all fully aware that Microsoft's $50 million Grand Theft Auto IV DLC purchase will give 360 gamers an extra bullet point over the competition all while giving us more GTAIV to love. But never in our wildest dreams did we think the 360 exclusive GTAIV DLC would be huge, new city huge ... but that's what the latest rumor is on the streets.

A GTAIV article that ran in the print edition of CVG claims that DLC expansions "are to GTA IV what Vice City or San Andreas were GTA III" and that "Rockstar is clearly hinting at new downloadable cities". Expansions that could open Liberty City up to suburbs, entirely new cities or returning classics like San Andreas or Vice City. We don't want to get too excited seeing that such DLC talk is planted firmly in the rumor garden, but if the DLC turns out to be new city size in scale then we'd dance around our house like little GTAIV school girls. Yes sir, that would be awesome.

[Via Joystiq]

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