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Chun-Li's massive hands cause for concern in Street Fighter IV


Criticisms of the visual style of Street Fighter IV are a dime a dozen, ranging from gripes about exaggerated facial expressions to attacks on the, erm, girth of Chun-Li's thigh muscles. Now, it seems that the poor Chinese Interpol agent is once again under attack, though this time for the bizarre proportions of her hands.

A few new art shots on Capcom's official Street Fighter IV website have caught the attention of 1UP's Kris Pigna, who's become mono-maniacally focused on the portrayal of Chun-Li's appendages. We have to admit, the above image has given us pause as well. Not only is her one hand abnormally large -- and featuring a bizarre growth between her thumb and forefinger -- but her other hand is downright monstrous, with thick calloused digits and yellowed fingernails. Let's just hope this is an artistic snafu, and not some crazy new backstory about Chun-Li's mutant transformation.

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