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Earthworm Jim, other Interplay games coming to Virtual Console


Groovy! One of the most-requested Virtual Console games is now officially on the way, thanks to Interplay. And it's bringing friends! Earthworm Jim, Shiny's platform/shooting adventure about a worm in a space suit, will be released on the Virtual Console "later this year," joined by its sequel, as well as the Claymation SF2-alike Clayfighter (developed by Visual Concepts) and Boogerman (full title: Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure).

According to Gamasutra, these will be the Genesis versions of the games, which means that Earthworm Jim will include the extra "Intestinal Distress" level that was exclusive to that version.

Hey, Interplay had the rights to Out of this World at some point. Maybe they still do!

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