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Epson gets busy with five new multimedia projectors

Darren Murph

Open up, as Epson's got not one, not two, but five new multimedia projectors aimed squarely at you (or maybe just your boss). Starting us off are three newcomers to the PowerLite Pro series: the XGA G5150NL / G5350NL and the WXGA G5200WNL. Respectively, each one offers up 4,000, 5,000 and 4,200 lumens, and the first two even support the Network Projector functionality found in Vista. Moving on, we've got the PowerLite 6110i ($2,899; pictured) and 1825 ($2,299), which both feature XGA resolutions and 4,000 / 3,500 lumens, but only the latter includes an 802.11a/b/g module for wireless projection. Hit up the read link for lots more details on the whole lot, just try not to get lost in there.

[Via AboutProjectors]

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