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Fujitsu Raku-Raku F884i now available, sports upgraded voice recognition

Chris Ziegler

Reaction to NTT DoCoMo's new logo has been mixed, but when it comes to the carrier's phones, there's still very little to not love -- and when we say "love," we mean "feel sorry for ourselves that we don't have access to these things." The recently-announced (and copied) Raku-Raku F884i from Fujitsu is now available in three delicious colors, featuring the same one-seg mobile TV tuner and gargantuan display present on the majority of modern handsets for the Japanese domestic market. Other goodies include a configurable orientation sensor that, by default, fires up the TV when tilted in one direction and the camera when tilted in the other (clever!) and upgraded voice recognition that allows for complete email dictation by sending the user's voice to a server and text back to the phone in real time. Oh, and this one does global roaming, too, so we'll take one of each, please.

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