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Guild Wars won't use NCsoft's microtransaction system

Michael Zenke

NCsoft's recently announced NCcoin system is currently only in use by the mech title Exteel. Despite that, it's obviously a technology that the mega-MMO publisher has plans for. Future titles might make very interesting use of the microtransactional model. That said, the company took pains this week to stress that already-released games are not going to be retrofitted with the NCcoin system if it's not appropriate.

Speaking with Eurogamer, a representative for the company indicated that Guild Wars will not be making use of NCcoin anytime soon."NCcoin will not be retrofitted in games that have business models that do not work with a micro-transaction system. We will, however, work to have NCcoin incorporated in as many of our games as possible. What role NCcoin will play in our future console offerings is yet to be determined." Further comments in the article indicate that the NCcoin system is ultimately about choice; NCsoft wants to offer consumers as many options as possible.

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