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How to earn the five controversial Bad Company weapons

Dustin Burg

The Battlefield: Bad Company DLC controversy has settled down after EA compromised with their "marketing promotions" idea and now today, thanks to Planet Battlefield, we know exactly what we'll have to do to earn all five additional weapons. So, without further wait, here are the non-Microsoft point involved steps to earn each controversial weapon ...
  • QBU88 Sniper Rifle: Pre-order the game online or at any participating retailer.
  • UZI Submachine Gun: Download and play the demo
  • M60 Light Machine Gun: Sign up for the Battlefield newsletter
  • F2000 Assault Rifle: Register your Battlefield soldier name
  • USAS12 Shotgun: Check your Bad Company stats online at launch.
Like we said, there's no Microsoft points involved, but is this really a better solution? A show of hands please, who's committed to completing all five tasks listed above to earn the Bad Company weapon bounty?

[Via Joystiq]

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