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LA Times: PS3 video service 'to embrace open standards,' PSP supported

Despite a hard-won victory for its Blu-ray optical format, Sony can't simply ignore online video distribution forever (though it's been doing a pretty impressive job thus far). While the company has been referring to plans for an online video service for awhile (remember this?), last week Peter Dille – Senior Vice President for PlayStation Network – more or less promised a service was in the works. So, while the LA Times revelation "Sony to launch online video service for PlayStation 3" isn't much of a shocker, their timetable is noteworthy: "as early as this summer, studio executives familiar with the plan say."

Of course, "summer" is industry code for "wait until E3" but there are a couple of other details these studio executives apparently let slip. Apparently, in a decidedly un-Sony way, the company "plans to embrace open standards that would make its offering compatible with a range of computers and hand-held devices" including, unsurprisingly, its very own PSP handheld. Dille did promise that Sony would offer a service that's different "from others you've seen or used"; however, with the balkanization of file formats and DRM schemes present in today's online marketplaces, we're skeptical of any widespread support outside of Sony's ecosystem. Sounds like we'll find out more "this summer." Wink.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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